Agrikultura was an exhibition of public artworks, installations, meals, performances, urban interventions, and events that took place outdoors in Hyllie, Malmo, in July/August 2017.

Some of the questions we aimed to address with the project include:
What is our present relationship to the land?
How can we augment and redefine our cultural and emotional connection to a nature that we have over-extended?
How can we re-engage with a nature we have pushed ever further from our lives?

Together, we re-imagined our cities: artists, farmers, and citizens will work together to develop new ideas and answers to food security. Our vision was to create a unique experience, that was at once beautiful, and that engaged our audiences in meaningful ways to think about practical roles we might play in imagining the future of our food systems, in expansive, sustainable, and delightful ways.


14th Street Overlay


Fourteenth Street Overlay is a public sculpture and part of the 14th Street Initiative in downtown Denver. Small cast bronze sculptures that resemble optical instruments are embedded in the streetscape. Mounted to bicycle racks, wayfinding signage and on their own posts, this collection of objects from different eras have been re-purposed to a new function. Each combines a specific view of the existing street with narratives and projections of the past. 23 individual objects and stories combine to make a sort of ‘treasure hunt’ that dots 14th street.



The Mill is the charismatic actor that overshadows all that plays inside. A large timber-framed warehouse, in the 1930′s it became an electric seed mill that was still operating in 2000. Its vast halls and remaining silos occasionally spill grain and rat droppings onto the floor, still shedding its former glory.

The building was a gigantic instrument, thick with dust from decades of grinding seeds, gravity-fed, its location an artery to the surrounding countryside.

35 artists created instruments that respond to this setting, whether as agency, as a dupe, as implement, as a recording, measuring or controlling device, as a music machine or even a legal tool!

Instrument is the second triennial exhibition at the Kulturmöllan in Lövestad, South Sweden.



What do you see, when you picture time?

Think about the next week, month, or year… the rest of your life, or your life so far. Does a diagram come into your head?



Located at the entrance corridor to Stapleton’s new Recreation Center, Thoughtballoons creates an interactive dialog with people as they wait for others.

ThoughtBalloons is a theatrical piece set into a black glass surround. Sensors locate where people sit and place a thought balloon above their head.

The texts are created with the help of the local community, including humorous conversations, informative repartee, both arbitrary and targeted statements. The thoughts are kept fresh and lively through workshops and a website.



Images from Millplace, showing as part of Shadow & Light in Lovestad, Sweden.

At the exhibition in an old flour mill, visitors are given a camera and asked to take photographs as they wander through the complex space. These photos become part of the collage machine by Martin Wattenberg and Marek Walczak known as Noplace.





Virtual Urban, by Rory Solomon & Marek Walczak has been selected to be part of Interactivos this June. Taking place at the Medialab-Prado in Madrid, the piece consists of workshops and augmented-reality installations in Madrid.


shadow & light


Shadow & Light is a 4-week set of workshops and installations on the theme of shadows and light. Pieces will include projection, shadow-scapes, electronics, light drawings, film-patterns, slides… weaving the structure of a beautiful old mill into a light diorama of spaces.





[here][now] was an installation and Internet artwork that investigated the limits of patience and space in a multi-user virtual 3D environment.

Shown above are screen-captures of the work as created through workshops with residents of Seoul, Korea.

thinking machine[s]



Thinking Machine[s] explores the invisible, elusive nature of thought. Play chess against a transparent intelligence, its evolving thought process visible on the board before you.